What we do

The primary aim of SJICC USA is to provide a tax-effective way for residents and taxpayers of the USA to make donations to charities in India that meet our goals.

Many needy children come from all over India to major cities, such as Mumbai, for cancer treatment which last for months. Whilst the treatments themselves are funded by the generosity of various charities, housing for these very sick children is a real, and often insurmountable problem. Several of these children end up on the streets, living in dirt and squalor. Their survival rate is very poor as their immune systems are already compromised by chemotherapy.

Our aim is to raise funds for such organizations as SJICC India, that provide:

This makes all the difference in the outcome of their cancer treatment. The existing centers have greatly increased the success rate and the chances of survival of these children. SJICC USA supports St. Judes in India in its fundraising efforts.

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